'Zhi 4 Hours' campaign for fee relief of drought-stricken students

Soon the decision to waive fees for students in drought-hit and flood-hit areas ...

Dipali Jagtap-Patil, Zee 4 Hours, Mumbai: Zee Hour 4 has launched a campaign to provide relief to the children of drought-hit farmers. The mission is taken up by the University of Mumbai. The Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University said that the decision to waive the fees will be decided soon. Submitted by Suhas Pednekar. The Vice-Chancellor made this assurance during a Senate meeting at the university. The decision will be taken at the Management Council meeting. After the news of 'Zi 4 Hours', the drought-stricken students at Mumbai University have received great relief.
Not only has the monsoon ravaged farming in the state, but now it is also raining on the education of the children of the farmers family. How do I pay for many students studying in universities? This question, like many students, is also haunting Manoj Haigle, a second-year student of Masters in Computer Science at Mumbai University. Manoj-native's house in Nanded district ... Soyabean, homesteading on turi farm ... In the rain, the crop went hand in hand ... Computer science fee of Rs. 3,000, examination fee of Rs. How to afford? This question did not attract attention in Manoj's education.

'Half of the university fees are paid. But you have to pay 3 thousand rupees in college. The cost of a meal is also a daily expense ... There is no option but to sell gold in the house, 'Manojon said, expressing his grief in front of' Zee 4 Hours'.

This is the case with Saurabh ... Saurabh Khade is doing his MSc from Physics. He went to the flood-affected Kolhapur ... all the sugarcane planted in his home field went under water and roasted. This loss is not an immediate relief. If you do not complete your education then there is no guarantee of employment. 'Other siblings in the family are also studying. All have a cost. There are no jobs. "If the university waives the fee, the year will be over," said Saurabh.

Hundreds of students like Manoj, Saurabh, are involved in this vicious cycle. The government has announced a grant of Rs. However, it does not currently include the education costs of the children of farmers. Therefore, it is demanded that universities across the state should consider this and the fee should be waived. However, no decision has been taken in this regard, Mumbai University said.

Not only the University of Mumbai but all the universities in the state are demanding to waive the fees for drought affected students. Therefore, the state government has to give proper instructions to all the universities.

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