Davi Kopenawa wins Alternate Nobel Prize for protecting the Amazon rainforest

"I'd like to assist my native allies by requesting the global government to set stress in the authorities of Brazil to demarcate the territory of additional native individuals.  I've often fought for the legal rights of '' the Yanomami the own people, and also the Ye' kwana.  This award has been a weapon to fortify the struggle of those visitors," Davi mentioned in his endorsement address.  He's directed his people effort to safeguard their Amazonian land.  Together with this Yanomami land in Venezuela, it's the most significant part of hands any place on the planet.
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The miners and politicians that aim the funds in the Yanomami land have ever jeopardized davi.  He resides in his area, Watoriki (that the Windy Mountain), practising shamanism.  Lourival, his dad inlaw, was among the respected & earliest Yanomami shamans.

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